Friday, August 06, 2004

View of Pool and Patio Cover (Under Construction)
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This shot was taken in late afternoon. You can see how much wonderful shade the trees provide later in the day. You can also see the partially constructed patio cover. When finished, it'll have a sort of wraparound, multi-level quality. The as-yet-unbuilt section will be a little higher. Paint, which isn't finished, is a blue and navajo white combo. Oh, and see how the round patio section just outside the future French doors (aka 6' slider) slopes weirdly? It's a little exaggerated because I used a wide-angle lens, but not much. I still have to figure out a new use for the space. Firepit? Hmmm... probably not a good idea under a wood patio cover. Lounge chairs or Adirondack chairs maybe? Ooh, maybe those really cool Sky Chairs you see every year at the fair and that I saw again at the S.F. Flower & Garden Show!

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