Thursday, March 02, 2006

Finally, some sunshine

But could you do something about this wet ground?


  1. Squeee! You have ratties!
    Aren't they great? I've a rattie/chi mix, but he's more terrier than anything. Love these guys.

  2. Yes, they are very lovable. Little Annie, on the left, looks more chi and Dan, her brother, looks more rattie. They keep each other quite entertained, chasing and gnawing on each other all day. Then they cuddle up together for naps. If I cover them with a blanket, they go down for a major snooze. I think the chi in them likes the warmth. Is yours a great lap dog? The moment I sit down, even at the computer, I've got two faces staring up at me begging for a lap. Do I indulge them? Of course. How could I say no to those pleading eyes and floppy ears?