Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Starting Plants

I bid on and won two unrooted cuttings of 'Slightly Sassy' epiphyllum on ebay and was given 'Ferris Wheel' and another variety as a bonus. I'm finding more and more that ebay can be a great source for new and interesting plants. And "Epis" can be addicting. I started with an unrooted cutting of a red-flowering epi from a friend. It's done very well and now I'm able to share it around. Yep, epis are addicting and epis are for sharing.

On the seed front, several flower varieties are germinating in the greenhouse. Pictured below are my nasturtium 'Whirlybird Cherry Rose' seedlings. Nasturtiums are so fun to germinate because they always seem to come up, the seeds are big and round and easy to plop into seed-starting mix, and they germinate very quickly. Whenever I start wondering if the seemingly microsopic seeds I planted simply blew away or are just taking their sweet time germinating, I just look at my nasturtiums for comfort. Good old dependable, visible-to-the-naked-eye nasturtiums...

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