Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hail yesterday, cleaning denial today

On the plus side, it's not raining. On the minus side, it's too chilly outside to do anything but run back inside! I was resigned to the necessity of tackling deferred domestic drudgery today, but then I saw my morning glory seeds bursting to life in a water-filled juice glass. Saved by the seeds.

They were an impulse purchase (Raley's sells morning glory seeds? Cool!). I'd decided to plant them in the ground in early April until I lifted the seed packs off my kitchen counter yesterday and discovered they were wet. Whatever the cause, I needed to nick and soak the seeds in case they'd been inadvertently awakened from dormancy. The packet recommends using nail clippers to nick the hard dark seed coat. I nicked, then I plopped and today I planted all fifty or so plump, already-sprouting seeds.

I mixed a pack of 'Early Call Mix' with a pack of 'Flying Saucers' so I'll be looking at an unrestrained mix of lavender, white, hot pink, purple, pale pink surrounded by white and "tie-dye" blue and white.

I'll be checking today's mail for tomato seeds. My TGS order is taking its sweet time getting to me from, jeeze, where the heck are they? They're in Florida! I can just picture a heroic Floridian mail carrier rescuing my seeds from snapping alligators or crocodiles or whatever man-eating creatures accompany them on their daily mail routes. If the gators didn't get my tomato seeds, then maybe a hurricane did. Luckily, I've got 'Black', 'Celebrity' and 'Copia' already up and runnin' in the greenhouse.

Well, it's time for me to face the cleaning music. That's it... I need some cleaning music. Wonder what's new on iTunes?

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