Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back from Mendo

Back from another Mendo getaway. As always-- ate too much, didn't exercise enough, didn't take enough pictures, had lots of laughs... and can't wait to go back.

I saw lots of trillium blooming at Fern Canyon at Russian Gulch State Park. If you go to Mendo, this paved bike ride/hike to a waterfall is a must. It's spectacular... very Land of the Lost.

Camping, Angela style...

We had wi-fi at the house... for awhile. After losing access, I couldn't even get a dial-up connection. Nooooooooooooooo! Thank God there's an internet cafe in the village.

My mom made quiche. Take that, tent campers.

I love it when fog rolls through town. It's thick and fast-moving. Every day was sunny, which made the fog an extra special treat.

Heed these words, unless you want to be the meat in a car sandwich.

Here's a little something for dog-loving purse fanatics.

Catch the peace sign on the front railing? You'll see a lot of peace signs in Mendo. My kind of town.

I stopped by Ingridd's Potter's Studio to take a few pics in her front garden. There's always something interesting nestled in the flowers.

I love the rugged bluffs of Mendocino. Sandy beaches aren't as accessible as in Southern California and the ocean waters can be rough on ships, but that obviously has something to do with the fact that Mendo still offers much in the way of pristine wilderness.

Despite the abundance of natural beauty, you'll still spot the occasional dorky tourist...

Dinner at the Moosse Cafe. I had the halibut with fingerling potatoes and veggies. Whoops, I also sampled the honey and lavender crème brulee for dessert. Delish.


  1. What an amazing Photo.Is it better to leave your brain in Mendo, compared to leaving your heart in San Fransisco? ;)
    I love your photographic eyes.The Sky and ground meet somewhere on it.:)

  2. This post made me really want to go to Mendo!! Haven't been there for a long time. It's such a great place. Next time I go I'll definitely try to do that bike ride. Great photos.

  3. Loads more photos.I love the Art in the garden, where art sits with plants and flowers around it.I have seen similar in the march RHS magasine, with a sculptor who put his work in the garden, and i loved it.When you can put the natural looking in a natural environment it kind of blends together.Love your photo at dinner, of course.It reminds me of Big Sur, a Jack Kerouac book.He loved the wildness of California i think.Mendo has got that rugged, wild charm.

  4. I agree that art in the garden enhances both. I don't really go for large formal art in large formal gardens. I go more for the casual, the small-scale, the whimsical... art that gives you a sense of the artist's personality.

    Ooh, I never read Big Sur but am always looking for interesting reads. I just read the blurb on amazon. Sounds like for Kerouac, Big Sur provided a temporary refuge from the temptations of his social scene, including excessive drinking. According to Wikipedia, that's what did him in at only 47.

    Might be an interesting followup to Anne Lamott's most recent book of essays that I just finished. She's another talented but formerly alcoholic writer. Not coincidentally, she just celebrated her 53rd birthday.

    On a lighter note, if you ever go to Big Sur, you must dine at Nepenthe. Yes, Big Sur is another ruggedly beautiful California coastal region... which also happens to offer fine dining. ;-)