Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy Day Daze

I'm forcing myself to get back on a good sleep schedule, so today I am in a good-for-nothing daze, desperately wanting a nap but knowing that if I do, I'll be up late again and the vicious cycle continues. Luckily, garden blogging isn't brain surgery; one can blog and take pictures drowsily and no one gets hurt.

This sleepy, grey day did feel perfect for delving into my signed copy of Anne Lamott's new book, Grace (Eventually). I had the pleasure of attending her discussion and book signing at Borders Books on Monday evening. She was fabulous and hilarious and thoughtful and profound. I thought she'd be mostly serious, but she got more laughs than most stand-up comedians on a good night. Her brand of black humor comes through in her writing and it definitely comes through in person. Also impressive was the fact that she was nearing the end of her book tour yet nothing she said seemed recycled or rehearsed. She's the real deal.

A few snaps from today...

Chinese ground orchid (Bletilla striata) about to bloom. In my top 10 favorite garden flowers. You can't see how beautiful this orchid will be, but it perfectly reflects how I feel about today... so full of potential but the timing is a little off.

Queen's tears (Billbergia nutans)... also in my top 10.

'Paul's Scarlet' English hawthorn

Red field poppy. I sprinkled seeds in a lot of my pots and they came up!

Baby lime

Purple columbine... one I got from Annie's. Can't remember which species or cultivar.

Delphinium, which I only grow as a hanging plant now because it's proven so snailolicious in the past.


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I just looked through your blog and enjoyed perusing your lovely photos. Beautiful. Plus, your dogs are really cute too.

  2. OK, you've convinced me to try Bletilla.

    Man, your Bilbergia's on a different schedule than mine, which has finally petered out. When did yours start blooming?

  3. My billbergia spiked suddenly and the first florets started opening in the last few days; So, 2nd week of April would be my official answer. ;-)

  4. Sehr schöne Blogs. Ich wünsche viel spaß. Grüße aus Stuttgart/Germany

  5. Very lush photos! Love the Queens Tears/Billbergia to go check it out!

  6. I love your Bletilla photo.I can show your photos to my three slow growing orchids on the kitchen windowsill.The window is open giving them a daily breeze.I love the Billbergia.Do you have a top ten of garden flowers?I have to be patient for my Bletillas to wake up and start growing.The growing tips are slowly developing.Im waiting for them to develop leaves which may speed up their growth.
    Is the Bilbergia growing outside too?

  7. I'll try to get a shot of the open Billbergia flowers today. The rain has stopped. Yesterday was the first sunny day after the storm, but winds were at about 15-30 mph (I think). There's a lot to clean up in the way of fallen branches, leaves, toppled umbrellas, etc.

    Today is calm and sunny and the temps. are very comfortable. It's a little chilly right now, but it's supposed to be about 80F today.

    As for a top 10 of garden flowers, I think my list that includes Chinese ground orchids and Queen's tears would be more of a "10 coolest flowers I'm excited that I can grow outside" list. I love almost every flower I see, of course, but the ones that really excite me have some aspect of novelty or exoticism or also make a great cut flower.

    Ixia is another one. So's tree dahlia (D. imperialis). Ok, I've revealed four of my faves. I haven't thought it out all the way to ten, but easily could, especially if I could expand the list to twenty or thirty. ;-)

    How 'bout yours?

  8. Having enjoyed the other two I just finished Grace (Eventually). I do enjoy her writing (and speaking) and thoughts. She's not afraid to say things lots of people would just think...I really admire her honesty and courage!

  9. Spectacular horticultural photography !!!!

    oooo la la !