Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wildflowers in Sonoma and Mendocino counties

On the drive to between Sacramento and Mendocino, by way of Hwy 37 --> 128--> 101 N-- 1, lupine and California poppies are quite spectacular right now, especially against a startlingly green background. Everything is green, leafing out and beginning to bloom. Ceanothus and lilac are blooming.

The change of scenery from the Valley to the coast is very dramatic. You go from flat land with a 360 degree view to rolling, oak-studded foothills, and then into the deep dark redwood forest. Then suddenly... boom... there's the Pacific Ocean. The transitions are very sudden, which makes the drive interesting and makes the sunglasses go on and come off many times.

I was thrilled to discover I've got wi-fi at the rental house for the first time ever, so I can now glance up from my untethered laptop while composing a blog post and see the ocean. This afternoon, I may venture out back to one of the Adirondack chairs and check my e-mail while enjoying the peaceful waves crashing in the distance. This is one happy "camper".

Yes, I am addicted to modern technology and yelled a "Praise Jesus!" when I also discovered my cell phone works here for the first time ever. If I were forced to go tent camping sometime in the not-very-likely future, I'd be one of those panicky techno junkies scrounging around every morning for my solar iPod/cell phone charger while wondering who's gonna go out in the freezing cold to start the fire... to boil the water... to make my French roast coffee. Must... stop... thinking about tent camping.

Outside right now, birds are chirping and it looks like it's going to be a sunny, non-windy day. No formal plans today except to wander around town on foot and by bike. S'later!


  1. Enjoy your time away, with your laptop in one hand and camera in the other I hope.

  2. Thats where the guidebook was from you were reading, Mendocino County.
    I have done a post today about Bletilla, our fav terrestial orchid, and mentioned you.Hope you read it :)
    Enjoy your break.Will you take lots of photos?you have wireless so you shoudl get email about this.