Monday, April 16, 2007

Chinese Ground orchids (Bletilla striata) in bloom

For "Snappy" (David) to show to his potted Bletilla babies.


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I know this is completely unrelated to gardening, but what kind of camera do you have? Your pics are amazing! I'm way into gardening, but I'm also really into photography, and can't help but admire your photos. Your flowers are lovely. Best of luck!

  2. Angela,
    Your snaps are so beautiful! I think it might be time to take us on another one of your video tours. I'd love to see how all the pieces fit together in your garden.

  3. Hi Jocylyn,

    I use a super fancy Canon 5D, which definitely improves the quality of my photos. I don't think a fancy camera is necessary, though, since I shrink 'em down to web size when I post on my blog.

    A good point-and-shoot digital (see for reviews on digital cameras) will get you the same results once you a) become very familiar with your camera and b) learn some garden photography tricks.

    For instance, try to shoot in morning light or late afternoon light, use diffusers to prevent blown-out highlights and dark shadows if you are shooting under harsh sunlight, and by all means, take as many pics as you can in April, when everything looks lush and beautiful. That's what the gardening mags do. ;-)


    I'll do another video... once I catch up on my yardwork. I've got some gaps to fill in after the freeze, some weeds to pull and grass to mow. A panoramic view of my garden wouldn't be very pretty right now. ;-)

  4. Hi Angela, thanks for remembering me.I have shown my sleepy orchids the photos of what they should look like in a year.They have some flowered role model now.The colours are lovely too.Divine pink flowers.Who cant see why orchid collectors are mad for them :)