Monday, July 30, 2007

Caught my eye this morning

Canna 'Intrigue'

Garden spider breakfast

I've switched out some of the plants in my chair planter. A 'Red Sensation' Cordyline adds some structure and height, and I stuck a mishmash of cuttings and seeds around the rim.


  1. I'm intrigued by Canna 'Intrigue'!

    By the way - I've noticed a definite collective garden exodus since Harry Potter came out. Have you finished? I'm about 75% done.

  2. Yes, Canna 'Intrigue' is stunning. The flowers are sort of a peachy, pinky orange and very delicate looking. But the leaves!

    When my copy of H.P. arrived, I was finishing two other books. Contrary to what everyone around me was doing, I decided to finish my other books first. I am just now starting H.P. I want to read it slowly and savor it. So far, no one has blown any details. Fingers crossed.