Monday, July 23, 2007

Perfectly Natural Weed Killer

I contacted the company to see where Perfectly Natural Weed 'n Grass Killer could be purchased in greater Sacramento. Green Acres is apparently the only garden center selling it. Picked up a gallon yesterday, having gotten good results from it last year. Only one nursery... in Roseville... carries it? Sheesh!

BTW, the smaller bottle is ready to use, but you need an applicator for the gallon. I'm not sure how I'm going to apply it yet. I have a tank sprayer, but ugh. Maybe I can attach a sprayer directly to the gallon bottle, assuming it's not a concentrate. We'll see.

Ooh, maybe I still have the old ready-to-use bottle!

Green Acres Nursery & Supply
Address: 901 Galleria Blvd Roseville, CA 95678, US (Just South of the Galleria Mall on the right hand side)
Phone: 916-782-2273


  1. I love this stuff for killing weeds. Last year I bought it at Walmart, of all places. This year no one around me is selling it so I will have to buy it online, but a case of it is nearly $100! That would last me for awhile.

  2. I love it too, Carol. Walmart is no longer listed as a supplier, but you might e-mail the manufacturer and ask if any independent nurseries in your area carry it. I e-mailed them and got a prompt reply and drove out to the one nursery in my area carrying it. Turns out the gallon size is ready to use, but doesn't come with a sprayer. I still had the smaller ready-to-use bottle and have been transferring to that since it has a good, non-leaky sprayer.

    I'd hate to know the shipping cost on a gallon bottle. I hope you can find Perfectly Natural locally.