Saturday, July 14, 2007

Organic weed control and salsa on my mind...

and according to my blog stats, that's what's on your mind too. You're also thinking about agapanthus, because it's blooming now and even though it assaults you at every intersection, you have to admit it's really pretty and comes in such refreshing shades of blue. Buy blooming cans now so you can get some instant gratification and to ensure you're getting the variety you want. Plus, they're probably on sale.

Right now, we want to know where we can buy or make "natural" herbicides, and we want to make our own salsa. Thanks to the web and helpful bloggers, I now have some excellent salsa recipes. I also know where I can buy herbicides made from natural plant oils.

If I owned a nursery... and if I had a nickel for every time uttered those words, I'd have enough capital to start one... I'd highlight my natural weed control products right about now. I might even be inclined to offer a hot pepper workshop, complete with tastings and cooking demos. And I'd find someone to demonstrate pepper craft. And I'd find a way to provide a nice microbrew and margaritas to chase the chips and salsa. And I suppose I'll have to throw in free rides home, cuz who knew all my customers were such lushes?


  1. We do own a nursery and carry organic E.B. Stone Weed and Grass Killer in the ready to use bottle.

    We have a whole line of organic insecticides, herbicide, and fungicides.

    Send those nickels this way.

  2. Hey, keep your grubby paws off my imaginary nickels, Trey. ;-)

    Good for you for carrying more organics. Happily, this is an increasing trend.

  3. I'd so be there! long as the herbicides were safely packaged away before the margarita/Sudwerk fun begins!

  4. You should set up shop. I'd come ... the pepper crafts are most cool.