Monday, October 08, 2007

Annie's Annuals Fabulous Fall Planting Party

We arrived around 11am, just in time for luscious strawberries, banana-chocolate chip muffins, grapes and drinks. Hot mess Amy Winehouse was rockin' in the background... my kinda nursery.

At noon, we were treated to a great demo by garden artist Keeyla Meadows. Keeyla showed us an easy and inexpensive way to paint and draw on clay pots. She talked a lot about color, which happens to be the theme of her next book, which I hope is published soon, soon, soon.

During our visit, two lucky ticket holders each won a 15-minute shopping spree. Of course, they had to don bright and shiny capes and crowns while dashing around the nursery filling their wagons. What price, dignity? Pretty low from what I witnessed. Hah.

After Keeyla's demo and the shopping spree announcement, I filled a flat (all the little red wagons were taken) with some cool-season color to take home. All 4" plants were 25% off.

After the festivities, demo and plant shopping at Annie's, we swung by Oakland for lunch at Genova Deli, picked up coffee beans at Cole Coffee, did a little shopping at Heartfelt, bought a cupcake at Teacake Bake Shop in Emeryville, then headed home. A great day!

We sorta spaced and ran out of time for visiting Cohn-Stone Studios, but it's still on my to-do list for someday.


  1. What fun! I haven't been to Annie's for a while...makes me want to hop in the car and take a trip down 80!

  2. Anonymous10:23 PM

    So, whadya get, whadya get?!?!! (At Annies)
    Waiting for the scoop! Last year, things I bought that I loved in my garden: Agrostemma githago "Milas", Malcomia maritima (you have to grow some!), Papaver setigerum (from 2 yrs ago - reseeders!, cerinthe...that's all I remember right now...
    Many of the A.Annnuals struggle here with the heat. I think starting them as seeds in fall is better bet. But, I'll still buy some in 4"...! There was a wild maroon & yellow Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco'- I thought it rather brassy, but everyone loved it. Quite an exclamation point in the garden.
    The Malcomia was lovely in a 1/2 barrel, peeking and spilling through some pastel sweet peas. I want to try it in seeds. Knockout cool season annual.

  3. Ok, I got a bunch of Viola corsica, a few 'Chantilly Peach' snapdragons, and an adorable specimen of Juncus filiformis 'Spiralis', which is a dwarf corkscrew rush. Teeny cuteness in the pot right now which will top out at 9".

    Will check out that Malcomia. I've had pretty good luck with Annie's plants. A lot of them are annuals so I don't get too attached, but any questionable perennials get a dose of afternoon shade. For me in Carmichael, winter is the true test. Sacramento is not the coast. I learn this every year. ;-)

  4. I too have to admit that I haven't had much success with Annie's stuff here--neither the plants purchased at local nurseries nor the direct purchases. (It didn't help that one local nursery had a plant from Annie's that was advertised as liking our cool summers. Ah, the joys of shopping in Sacramento!) Seeds might be a better option, as then the plants are acclimated from birth.

    Genova's is great, but I was going to recommend Fonda's in Berkeley--duck tacos to die for.

  5. Some day i'll make it to this!
    I've actually only been to Annie's once, but her plants are available in many of the nursuries close to me in Sonoma County.

    Still, sounds like great fun to be there for the actual event!