Saturday, December 29, 2007

LED Christmas lights

(photo from website)

Saw this news tidbit on Guess I'm not the only one having a difficult time finding LED lights in stores around Christmas time. Second year in a row for me. Right now might be a good time to buy online from places like Ooh, multi-colored mini lights are on sale. Also check out their recycling program!

San Francisco Chronicle


  1. Angela,

    We were lucky enough to get our hands on LED's this Christmas, but of the four strands we bought two burned out after a season. I'm all for doing the environment some good and saving energy, but the darn things need to work. Curious what others experiences have been...

  2. I found a long string of them at IKEA that change colors ever so wonderfully slowly. Wish I'd bought more! These are tiny and clear and VERY bright. Also found a string of the colored "strawberry" lights at Rite Aid, on sale, which are ok. I prefer the sharp, smaller bulbs over the faceted cut. (is that the right word?)Don't much care for the nubbly's that?

  3. I like that they are cooler and use less energy. I wonder if they come with replacement bulbs or what the deal is with mad man's burning out after a season. I'm wondering if the whole strand burned out or if one bad bulb made the whole strand appear dead. I know they make bulb testers now for traditional light strands.

  4. Not sure, even the tradional bulbs didn't go out that quick. I don't remember there being replacement bulbs with the LED's, but with the whole strand out, where do you start? But, big picture, yes, I agree Angela, its nice to see these on the market now, save energy, save money, help the environment, its all good!



  5. Here are a couple supposed benefits of LED over incandescent listed on the website, so I'm puzzled about the early burnout, Mad Man. I guess with anything new, there will be glitches to work out, and a learning curve.

    2. Solid-state reliability. No longer will you have to worry about one lamp ruing your whole string.

    3. Longevity - L.E.D. lamps are rated for up to 200,000 hours of use while standard incandescent lights typically last for only 2,000 hours.

    5. No filaments to burn out. Unlike incandescent bulbs there is no filament to burn out so they last much longer and won't be damage or ruined if you drop them or step on them.