Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sacramento Magazine's Garden Notebook, January, 2008

Sadly, I'm neither under 40 nor a Power Player (whatever that is)... but I do happen to be the focus of Sacramento Magazine's one-page Garden Notebook in the January, 2008 issue.

Garden Notebook is written by Joan Waters, Sac Mag's new garden writer. She and I chatted about my stock horticultural photography over coffee and cookies in my backyard awhile back. Be sure to check out Joan's new column, and in case you didn't catch it, she wrote about backyard birds last month and has covered other topics for Sac Mag in the past.

Click on the photo below for a sampling of January articles.

I scanned the Garden Notebook page and saved it as a JPEG. Click on the photo below to see a larger version. Or you can do what I did and pick up a copy while standing in line with the Christmas hordes at Borders Books, Raley's, etc.

Oh, and the location was Hortus Botanicus, not Bontanicus. Just a little typo. Ok, and one more correction (i.e. nit pick)... my photos are on a site built for me by Acclaim Images, not built by me. Just had to get that out. I'm a stickler for details.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Well, we all you knew you had talent! Nice plug and (yet another) amazing garden photo!
    Merry holidays!

  2. Thank you, cloverann! And Merry Holidays to you too!

  3. Good for you Angela! This must be a new column since I hadn't noticed it before. Maybe Sac Magazine senses the need for more gardening related stories. Let's hope so.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  4. Merry Christmas, Trey! All the best in 2008!

  5. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Hey, congratulations, Angela--good for you! That frog photo is really fantastic--something you couldn't make happen, but a treasure for the lucky photographer who took the time to observe. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  6. Thank you, Nan! I totally agree. When you put in your time with the camera and lug it around... even when you don't feel like it... it pays off eventually.

    Seeing through my camera also helps me pay closer attention to my surroundings and to notice and appreciate little happenings like the frog in the leaves.

    It's so easy to let those moments zoom by unnoticed. The camera forces you not only to notice those moments, but to seek them out. If you think about it, you could argue that that's all life is... a series of moments. We don't want to miss the good ones.