Sunday, January 06, 2008

'Apple Blossom' Amaryllis

Day before yesterday... almost open

Yesterday... fully open!

This morning, on the mantel. So pretty I should have a party just to show it off!

I took it outside so I could get an easy shot of it in its reusable but biodegradable EcoForms Pot.

Wikipedia entry on Hippeastrum (AKA amaryllis)
Dave's Garden info on: 'Apple Blossom' Amaryllis


  1. Oh really is pretty! Congratulations!

  2. So when is the party? I'm ready for a party!;>)

  3. Angela,Its gorgeous.I have an Amaryllis Apple Blossom growing in the kitchen windowsill.I hope it looks like yours.I will photograph mine when it flowers.

  4. Thank you, Snappy! I can't wait to see yours! Do take pics!