Monday, July 14, 2008

Backyard Pano

Just went out into my backyard, turned in a complete circle while taking shots and popped those shots into Photoshop's photo stitching thingy. The results are crude, but fun.

I love that Annie (my little b&w dog) was walking across the lawn with a rawhide shoe in her mouth at the time. I didn't even see her when I was taking the pictures.

What I should have been doing during the cool morning hours... instead of taking pictures... is deadheading and weeding. Just felt like taking it all in instead.


  1. Wow Angela! Your yard is so pretty (naturally) but it looks humongous. No wonder you are such an inspired gardener!

  2. Hi Christine,

    I used a wide-angle lens, which makes everything look more expansive than it is. Same trick real estate agents use when they're photographing a home. ;-)

    Funny, I just hired a guy to help me maintain the front yard. In three short hours, he restored the front to something that no longer warrants a call to the fire department. It was overgrown, with lots of leaf litter. He's going to do a weekly blow and buzz to keep the neighbors from having the cardiacs they're prone to.

    I'm happy with the way the back looks. It's finally filled in and has lots of color in spring and summer. It's a wonderful place for entertaining and relaxing and romping with the dogs. That said... I am on a quarter acre, which is getting to be too much for me; I'm considering downsizing to something I can more easily maintain without help.

    Oh, and my veggie area is in dire need of deadheading and weeding. Strawberries are running rampant, which I'm not entirely unhappy about.