Sunday, July 06, 2008

California Heartland is back

Hey, I was just listening to Farmer Fred on the radio and he mentioned that KVIE's California Heartland show is back! The KVIE intro video mentions new faces and the inclusion of backyard gardening. Looks like Farmer Fred is the new gardening host. He keeps warning everyone that he has a face for radio, but I think he looks great.

The cooking segments look like they're being hosted by the woman who does cooking spots for Raley's and whose name escapes me. Anyway, check it out! I'll be adding California Heartland to my DVR lineup.

Starts tomorrow.


  1. I adore Farmer Fred, and he does have the face and voice for TV, regardless of what he thinks.

    Thanks for the info about CH. We saw it in our KVIE guide and were excited for it to be back with a new format.

  2. Happy Birthday Angela!!!
    It's interesting how people born around the same time often have the same likes and dislikes. My b-day is the 13th.

    July is when all the cool people have birthdays.

  3. Thanks, Trey, and Happy Birthday to you too! Validity of astrology aside, I do have to say I'm a classic Cancerian.