Saturday, July 19, 2008

Smith & Hawken, Roseville, CA

(Photo from City of Roseville website)

Smith & Hawken is opening a store in our area. I would have applied for a position in a heartbeat if they weren't putting the store in Roseville... at The Galleria. Ugh. We're never going to revitalize downtown and cut down on driving if all the stores people will drive out of their way for (Sur La Table, Bare Escentuals, Nugget Market, etc.) head for the burbs. Thank goodness the Apple Store is at Arden Fair. That's at least somewhat centrally located.

Anyway, if any horticulturally inclined people in the Roseville area are looking for work and can stand the soul-crushing Galleria Mall five days a week, check out the job ads on Craigslist. Several positions open.


  1. Frankly, neither downtown nor Roseville is worth the trouble. If I need to shop, I take public transportation to Berkeley. I'm convinced that all the stuff that doesn't sell in the Bay Area gets shipped up here.

  2. Not that it's much more tolerable, but the new Smith & Hawken is actually located across the street from the Galleria in the new "Fountains" center. The developer was going for a "new shopping experience" by making it an outdoor center with open space, fountains (duh), etc. sort of like Pavillions on Fair Oaks Blvd. Although it does have Peet's and Whole Foods, the Fountains still feels like a suburban shopping mall to me...And don't get me started on the landscaping...

  3. Fountains does sound a bit better than Galleria... I think the Craigslist ads mentioned Galleria location... and Whole Foods, Smith & Hawken and Peet's does make a nice trio. Still... newer parts of Roseville and Rocklin give me the shivers.