Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aw, shucks!

"Best area blog and site"

Angela Pratt, a horticulturist, has designed a masterpiece. For area gardeners, this is a must-bookmark Web site. Her blog (personal gardening diary) is fun to read and filled with digital images to illustrate what she's planted and where she's visited. Colorful images are showcased throughout the site. Links to Sacramento-area gardening information will lead you to just about anything you desire. There's advice for planting and maintenance. The message board seems to have vanished (Yep, there wasn't enough momentum for a Sacramento-only forum to make it worth my time, but you can still access GardenWeb and Dave's Garden California forums on my home page), but there's now a list of Northern California gardening blogs.

Dan Vierria: Online gardening is almost as good as the real thing.

Most entertaining Web site
Renegade Gardener

Best nursery Web site
Annie's Annuals & Perennials

Honorable mention: Golden Gecko Garden Center

Best regional blog
Dirt http://dirtbyamystewart.

Best area hobbyist site
Baldo's SactoRose Web Site

Congrats, Trey, Amy, Annie, Baldo, and Don!


  1. I had been enjoying your website for a while when you started your garden blog. I had been trying to do something of the same thing through a forum we had on our website, but the process of posting pictures was complicated, so it didn’t get done. I liked how you were able to post pictures and thoughts so easily on your blog. I checked Blogger out, and started my own.


  2. Wow, that's great! Happy to have played some small part.

    I hope people check out the latest photos you posted on your blog of the raised bed you made in your workshop for tomatoes, peppers, basil and cilantro.

    By the way, your website is by far the best nursery website in Greater Sacramento. Other nurseries should take note. ;-)

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Way to go! I hope this brings lots more visitors!

  4. Anonymous9:04 PM

    It's great to see worthy web sites promoted in the Sacramento Bee. Your is indeed, a "masterpiece," to quote Mr. Vierria. It is enormously helpful to locals, with great links and current info, but it certainly ranks as something more than a local, or "area" site. I've seen postings here from several other states, as well as one from England! With the internet, the definition of local has become more expansive -- we're gardening in a cyber neighborhood. Thanks for your great pics and your always useful, engaging, & funny observations and commentary.

    J. C. Coulette

  5. J.C.,

    Thank you for such warm praise. I, too, have been amazed by visits from gardeners in the U.K., Australia, Germany, Canada, etc.

    While my website has a regional focus by design, I'm glad the blog has no geographical barriers. In such difficult political and environmental times, it's great to be reminded by the blog world that we all live on the same ball of dirt.