Monday, May 29, 2006

My next chair planter

My aunt snatched this chair out of a junk pile for me! Kind of reminds me of an ice cream parlor chair. It's white-painted metal with a tasteful hint of rust. Can't wait to plant the seat.

Plant suggestions?

This chair is fairly segregated from the green chair planter. It's near fragrant roses and lavender.


  1. I have no planting suggestions given that we're a zillion zones apart, but: great chair!

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    The ice-cream-parlor-look suggests candy colors. Maybe pelargoniums (zonal geraniums) in red and pink. Or some fluffy double petunias in pink and purple.

  3. A ice cream parlor? Hmm,i wonder if you can drill a parfait glass for a sundae bird feeder to go with the chair.

  4. Great ideas. Zonal geraniums popped into my head too! Very ice-cream parlor-ey. Red and pink would work nicely. Or pink and white? We'll see.

    Parfait glass... ha.


  5. This chair speaks romance to me!I see a palette of deep pinks blues puffs of white trailing down with the roses and lavender surrounding it..perhaps more lavender on the other side for balance...oh I could go on and on!! I wish I had that chair in my garden!:)

  6. Ok, now I need to incorporate a bit of romance. There's some good-looking white bacopa at Home Depot right now. That might be a good summer trailer. Maybe some Angelonia if it's available?

    The nearby dark purples and deep reds do make a pretty passionate color palette. The chair is very "first date", but the flowers don't have to be...

    I'll of course snap a pic when I'm done. Thanks for the input, ladies!