Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Morning Stroll in the Garden

Watch the video
This is a video of a walk in my garden.

Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Guitar Concerto in D Major, Part II


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Nice tour! Such nice music made want to curl up in a hammock in the garden and take a nap!

  2. It looks huge your garden but very beautiful too.Very calming music too.The animals love it, esp the posing squirrel.Your nasturtium look bigger than mine already.The difference between England and California.Its funny seeing video of the stuff seen on photos like george w bush gnome, and copper anti slug cages.Keep on posting...

  3. I love it! The music makes everything seem so--important, somehow. Like there's a great deal at stake. (oh, I did not intend that pun. Really.)

    I only wish we'd seen more of the gardener in her garden!

    will you come make a video of my garden?

  4. Yes, Vivaldi has that effect on clumsily filmed video.

    Right now I'm using my husband's crappy digital camera since my fancy digi cam doesn't do video. I do plan to show me doing stuff in the garden. Just trying to figure out the logistics. I'm always the one with the camera, and a tripod can't follow me around while I putter, so...

    I like the idea of strapping a camera to my forehead, but then you're still not seeing the gardener.

    I would LOVE to make a video of your garden. Actually, we'd need to do two-- an elegant, tasteful one (Victorian house, right?) and one just for the chickens. I'll bet there's some great chicken music out there. Fast-tempo bluegrass, maybe. ;-)

  5. Brava Angela! Stunning visuals made interesting by the addition of wildlife (and playful by the not-so-wild-life). The music was perfect. Thank you for sharing. I hope we get to see an update later in the season.