Friday, May 19, 2006

Why dost thou smite me, Tomato gods?

(Raising fist to sky) Just when my tomato plants are looking fantastic after a good feeding and some warm weather, I start hearing words like "thunderstorms" and "temperatures dropping."

Was it because I was dissing coastal tomato growers? I guess I had it coming...


  1. Angela,

    Your tomatoes will be fine; infact they will probably appreciate the long, slow drink of water.

    Now I have a question for you. I see you are a stay-at-home mom, but in scrolling back through your blog, I have yet to find anything written about gardening with children.

    I'm looking for a blog/blogs my moms who garden with their kids...atleast part of the time (for an article on BlogHer). So far, no joy. Can you think of any bloggers in your blogroll who write about gardening with your kids?

  2. No thunderstorms yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    As for garden bloggers working with their kids in the garden... hmm... nope, can't think of any.

    When my son was little, I tried coaxing him into gardening by buying him the cute kid-sized tools, mini watering can and denim overalls, but I now realize that was more for my benefit than his. He did enjoy hatching butterflies and ladybugs and around age five informed us he was going to become an entomologist. Or a gemologist. He liked rocks too. Now he wants to design video games in Japan. Thank God there's still time for him to change his mind a few more times. I can deal with the video game thing, but Japan is just too far away. For God's sake, it's like tomorrow in Japan right now. I never signed up for a time-traveling son. But I digress.

    When he got a little older, I promised him his own little patch of dirt on which he could grow flowers and vegetables. He still didn't bite.

    Now he's thirteen and that "free will" thing he developed very early in life has blossomed into a haughty defiance of gardening. Oh, sure, he'll help with yard cleanup, but only under duress. As for gardening... whatever that is... he hasn't yet been bitten by the bug. I'm not going to force it. We all know what happens when you try to force your kids to do things.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if he becomes quite the gardener later in life. For me, it didn't really happen until I lived on my own. That's when I realized how special it is to be given your own patch of dirt.

    Good luck in your search. I'm sure you'll find some bloggers who've been successful.

    Garden bloggers with kids? Can you help Debra?!!!

    I look forward to reading your article.

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Katina's Little Gardeners is a garden blogger with kids. That's the only one I know of though...