Saturday, May 27, 2006

Teacup birdfeeder recipe I used

from P. Allen Smith

Teacup and saucer
1/8 inch ceramic tile bit
1/4 inch masonry bit
36 inch long 1/4 inch threaded metal rod
30 inch long copper tubing
1/2 inch wide2 stainless steel nuts with 1/4 inch wide hole
2 stainless steel washers with 1/4 inch wide hole
Safety Glasses

Directions: First collect your cups and saucers. A good place to look is a resale shop or junk store. (That's what I did)

Next prepare your cup and saucer. Mark the center of each and carefully drill a hole through them one at a time. To reduce breakage and frustration (I gather you've tried this yourself, Mr. Allen), first make a starter hole with the 1/8 inch ceramic tile bit and then widen it with a 1/4 inch masonry bit. (Easier said than done if you use a china teacup. Do it with a friend, wear ear and eye protection and take turns when your arm gets tired.)

Now take the 36 inch long, 1/4 inch wide threaded metal rod and screw a nut about 1/2 inch from the top, place a washer on top of the metal nut and then the saucer and cup on top of the washer.

At this point you will have the tea cup and saucer balanced on the metal nut and washer with about 1/2 an inch or less of the threaded rod rising up through the middle of the tea cup.

Take your second washer and slip it over the threaded rod so that it sits flat inside the teacup. Next add a metal nut on top of the washer and screw it down tightly so that the teacup and saucer are secure.

Select the area in your garden where you would like to place the feeder, push the copper tubing into the ground about 2 or 3 inches and then insert the threaded metal rod down into the ground through the copper tubing to give the feeder a finished look. (I recommend drilling an additional hole through the cup and saucer for drainage).


  1. Thank you! I have a new project for the garden! I have not been here for awhile I am glad I found you again..shall add you to my links for easy access! :)

  2. Anonymous2:33 AM

    You’ve inspired me!

    I’m off to find, beg or buy some old china cups and saucers to give it ago … do you think the ratio 10:1 will get me one set drilled without damage?

  3. Thanks for the directions,I must try this.Maybe stoneware will drill easier,but china is so pretty.