Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Busy time in the garden

I didn't protect my tomato plants from snails and slugs because they seemed preoccupied with my basil and peppers, but overnight my 'Lemon Boy' plant vanished. Snails, it appears, judging from the slimy beheaded plant left in the ground. Unless I see a replacement at a nursery in the next few days, I won't bother replanting 'Lemon Boy'. I have other varieties to look forward to. My containerized veggies are more established and less bothered by pests so far. It'll be interesting to see how everything's faring later in the season.

All of a sudden, it's warm here, and by warm I mean hot. We skipped spring and went straight from winter to summer. All that rain and chill and then... boom... time to sit in the shade drinking lemonade. Where's my cabana boy? Where's my cabana, for that matter?

On the bean front, I got sporadic germination from my tricolor bean packet and of the few that did germinate, most were munched. I re-ordered two packs of seeds from Renee's and replanted today. Soaked the seeds this time and added more compost to the soil. The poor bean show is partly my fault and partly the snails' fault. With twice the number of bean seeds planted, greater care and vigilance, I am pretty confident I'll see these damned purple, yellow and green beans climbing up my damned bean poles soon. Damn it. I wonder if Dan and Annie (dogs) will eat beans right off the vine like they did snap peas. Weirdos.

Oh, I also resurrected my tile sconces. Just in time for all those summer parties that happen mostly in my mind.

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