Monday, May 15, 2006

Sandersonia aurantiaca blooming

I'd first purchased this as a cut flower, then ordered it from Easy to Grow Bulbs so I could try it in a pot. I really love the cantaloupe orange color and lantern-like flowers. So dainty!

Sandersonia aurantiaca
Common names:
Chinese Lantern Lily,
Christmas Bells
Genus: Sandersonia (san-der-SON-ee-uh)
Species: aurantiaca (aw-ran-ti-AYE-kuh)


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!I'm seriously tempted to order this bulb and wondered if it is too late to plant now. I would also put it in a pot. I live in N. CA also, but in the hot, hot central valley (Yuba City. I know it's late for planting bulbs, but this one really 'grabbed' me.
    Just started blogging. You can view me at:
    Love your blogs. I esp. enjoyed the video you published recently.

  2. Well, it appears Easy to Grow Bulbs is still selling it for this season. I, too, am in the "hot, hot Central Valley" and Sandersonia is doing just fine. Did you know it lasts 2-3 weeks as a cut flower?!!!